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Merchant or Pirate?

This is the background story to illustrate the ToR programming tournament
This is the draft - final version will be uploaded soon

Once there was a ship. A ship witch was famous for its crew. The ship was called “ The Big Cheat”. The ship and its crew were travelling around the seas. The crew was known as “The Trading Pirates” because they made a lot of money with dealing. They sailed from coast to coast and did their things. They traded with stolen weapons and alcohol.

But one day was different. It was a sunny and warm day when The Big Cheat arrived in a small harbour near Jamaica. When they arrived, the crew saw another ship. The ship’s name was “Black Pearl”. It was dark and big and it looked like a monster.

The Black Pearl was the best trading partner they ever had, so the captain decided to do some trading like every time the ships meet. There had never been a conflict between the pirates but as we said before, this day was different.

First they did business like usual and there was no problem. But our trading pirates thought that they could cheat them so they put empty boxes on the other ship. First the crew did not recognise that the trading pirates were faking the trade. The occupants were happy that they made such a “great deal”.

But the others were not so happy and followed The Big Cheat to shot them. But The Big Cheat had luck. They were faster than the other ship, so they disappeared very quick.

Our fake bandied very fast all over the Caribbean islands so every ship captain heard that, too. Most of their old trading partners did not want to trade with them anymore. But a view weeks later the pirates found a partner.  They were in a big harbour again . It was not Jamaica but another island next to Jamaica. They didn’t know the pirates who anchored in the harbour.  They deled. They were exchanging stolen weapons and gold.

The Big Cheat crew learned from their mistakes and wanted to cooperate. After the deal the unknown ship disappeared. The crew was wondering why the other crew drove so fast away. When they opened the boxes of gold they saw that there was no gold in it. The weapons they traded were the last they had. They didn’t have anything to trade then. Because of this they had to sell their ship if they don’t want to get poor. That’s the reason why they can’t trade anymore.

By Moritz and Michael

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