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Cooperation and the Cold War

This is the draft - the final version will be uploaded soon - 

present tense (= Imagine it´s 1945 bla bla) or simple past (In 1945 World War II ended bla bla)?

The second World War has found its ending, and two forces are growing up to strong states with huge political influence. We are talking about the "Russians" in the east , and the USA in the West. The Cold War found its start. The Russians and the Amerikans both dislike each other and cause of their scare to the other they started building military weapon systems and other things like that. Both reacted on that what the other does. For example when the Russians send a submarine to the Amerikan coast , the Amerikans send immediately some Destroyer over there to control the situation.

Time passes by and the distrust to each other growed up into unbelivable dimensions.

But the Cold War was never really a War. There was never launched a Missle on an enemy target and no bullet left its Machine Gun. But why then the Arms race?

Well both scared each other so much that everyone wants to impress the other one, so that he never would dare to attack the other. Both thought on this way and tried to be always better. So millions of Dollars went into the Arms Race.

At the beginning the public was happy about that because they felt much safer. But by time there was missing money which could have been better spent. The public starts to get "Pissed off", and the states recognized that this Arms Race makes no sense. But who should stop this race? No one can say who started it and so no one of both wanted to end it, cause then the one which didn't stop could take the chance to attack!

So the war went on, until both started to do without things they didn't need. What brings the Americans a directly atomic defense with them? Or what brings the Russian spy in Germany?

So they leave that away. And the other side reacted and more and more useless weapons disappeared.

What also the war benefitted were things like "the shock of the Cuba crisis; the setback of the USA in Viet Nam" that made both sides trusting each other.

The onliest thing that the peace striked back was when the Russians invaded in Afghanistan and the Amerikan President Reagan armed up again. But that were only small fishes.

So both came to an ending of the Cold War.



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