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Prisoner's Dilemma

Imagine you are sitting alone in a cell. You and your friend have been arrested because you have been caught by the police after a bank raid. You cannot talk to your friend, because the police think he is your accomplice.
Imagine sitting alone in  the cell ...

Now, what does the prosecution say to you? See below. 

Your situation ...

- We (the prosecution) have arrested you and another person -your accomplice - for committing the crime together.

- You will be held in seperate cells, and you won't be allowed to comunicate.

- We haven't got sufficient evidence for all that we think you have done. That is why we want you to confess everything.

Now decide ...

- If you confess the crimes, and the other person confesses, too, we will reward your assistance to us by sentencing you both lightly: 2 years of prison ,that's all.

- If you don't confess, and if the other person also doesn't confess, we will not be able to convict you. But we can hold you in prison for 30 days because you were carring weapons when we caught you.

- If you confess, and if the other person does not confess, we will be able to let you go free. We will then take the other person in prison for 40 years.

- And if you don't confess, but if the other person confesses, that person's testimony will be used to put YOU in prison for 40 years! Your accomplice will go free in exchange for the testimony.

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