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What we can tell you about us:
The mag
The editor and the staff
The stuff you can find here
The school we are at (WBS)
The webmaster and the head teacher
The disclaimer and official regulations for using this site

The mag
WoBo4u is an English online youth magazine produced at Wolfgang-Borchert-School in Recklinghausen, Germany. It is made by pupils and students mainly during lunch break. From Year 9 on people can join the editorial staff.
So WoBo4u is an open project, and we would also like to invite people from outside Germany to take part in international projects and in the making of the mag.
We think that wobo4u is the first mag of its kind (online, English language, student made) in Germany.

The editor
During the school year 2003/2004 Tatjana was our first editor, elected by the editorial staff. So she helped founding the mag, and started an editor's page to welcome people to the mag. See editor´s page. There will be changes every year, a new editor and a new editor´s page.
As in a printed magazine you can always write an e-mail to the editor. Remember the magic word <editor> and click on
<contact us>.
The staff
WoBo4u is edited by our staff meeting in the computer lab at Wolfgang-Borchert-School, during lunch breaks. There have been Larissa, Tatjana, Verena, Lars, Sebastian, Stefan, Zeljko, Patrick, Florian, Denis, Marco, and other regular visitors. You can join the editorial staff, and find out about them looking at the editor´s page
The stuff
Here are some ideas what people might want to do:
an editor´s page, columns written by courses, ghost story projects, adventures that let you choose what happens, epals, the school band, news, French cafe, Dutch corner, croeso-at-wobo4u (Welsh page), games, slide shows, web votes, ...
We know that looks like a lot of ideas that take time to be presented on a site. How can we get a great website? We would be glad if people from other schools showed up and helped us to produce some great pages together with us, or help us, or make their own website and talk with us about how they are getting along. Isn´t it interesting and something new?

The school
Wolfgang-Borchert-School is a not too large comprehensive school with about 70 staff and more than 900 pupils and students, from Year 5 to Year 13. Find more information about our school at our school.
The webmaster
The teacher (webmaster) taking care of the production of this mag is Mr Jürgen Schulte, and Mrs Noheh-Khan once helped starting it. You can, of course, e-mail the webmaster. Just remember the magic word <webmaster> and click on <contact us> to send an e-mail.
Sending an e-mail to the webmaster is the first thing we would ask you to do if you find anything wrong on our pages.
If you want to comment on the mag, or make suggestions, or contribute to our magazine, you should better contact staff. Remember the magic word <staff> or <editor> and click on <contact us>

The head teacher
The head teacher at Wolfgang-Borchert-School is Mr Manfred Kramer. Of course, you can always write to the head teacher using the school´s adress. See above.
We would, however, be glad if we could ask you to contact the head of Year 7/8 instead. This is Mr T. Lichtenstein, who is acting as the head teacher´s right hand and the school´s representative whenever our two websites are concerned. So especially in all legal matters and cases of complaint you might want to remember the magic word <lichtenstein> and click on <contact us>.

The disclaimer and some rules
WoBo4u is here to be designed, produced and used by our pupils and students or visitors from other schools. Even when this is done following the best intentions, young people might get things wrong. However, first of all our pupils and students are held responsible for what they get wrong by staff members at our school. Such problems are usually educational issues, not legal matters.
If there is any justified complaint, we are very willing to remove or alter whatever has offended people in any way. We are, in fact, very thankful if we are notified whenever there is anything wrong with this website.To notify the webmaster, see above. As this is a school website, not a commercial site or a place for ..., we must inform you that you have no reason to complain to the head teacher or the school board or any legal body, if you have not waited for a reaction to a registered complaint.
Registered complaints? This means that we ask you to send an e-mail to the webmaster (
see above ) or a school representative like Mr Lichtenstein, wait for our reply to tell you that your complaint has been registered, and give us the time that is required to make any neccessary changes.
The pupils and students at our school are supervised and taught according to established educational principles and to the best of our knowledge. It is, however, possible that we might overlook something wrong the students have produced. Apart from that, please note that this website comprises unmoderated elements like a guestbook or a forum. This means that not everything done by our students or other visitors can always be directly monitored. In some cases it will take some time until we notice that, for example, someone has used an offensive four-letter-word. In no way we are held legally responsible for any such kind of problematic content that is unknown to the webmaster. Without registered complaint <see above> that has been ignored by Wolfgang-Borchert-School, there is no basis for any kind of legal action in these cases.

The same applies to external links found on this site. They are checked when they are placed here. They will be checked from time to time to see whether anything has changed. We are, however, not responsible in any way for what might come up if you follow link after link. We can only check the pages directly linked with this website. If there is anything wrong with a link, a registered complaint
<see above>is essential, and actually very helpful. We are, of course, very willing and eager to remove links to any kind of problematic content if they should be found on our site.
It is strictly forbidden to contact our pupils or students in any indecent way, or in any way that is against the law. We not only object to misuse of this website, we might take any kind of action against any kind of molestation or abuse. Apart from that, this website is not for commercial use, advertisements of any kind may not be placed here in open or hidden form. It is, for example, not allowed to tell people through the guestbook what to buy. Furthermore, privacy has to be respected, and personal data may not be collected from or through this website. We do object against scanning this website using software of commercial interest to retrive any kind of information about our pupils or students. In other words, we don´t want to be pested by certain notorious web users.

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