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Are you looking for an e-mail pal (=epal)?
This page tells you how to contact people at our school.
Last changes made: 7th March 2008

If visitors wish to make suggestions how this page can be improved, please do not hesitate to tell us. Thanks

Presently there are some 6 students wishing to make contact and exchange e-mails with YOU!!! Are you interested in having an e-mail pal with whom you can write e-mails in English or German? If the answer is YES, scroll down to find out more ...

We, Florian, Mathias and Patrick, take care of this page. We have collected some information about our school and the e-mail project. And we will check the mailbox and pass on all the e-mails in the beginning.

Wolfgang-Borchert-Gesamtschule is a comprehensive school in North Recklinghausen. There are 2 buildings with about 800 pupils. The younger pupils are in one building at Haendelstraße and the older pupils are in another building at Beisinger Weg. This building is bigger and only 7 years old. The school has a <mensa>, that´s a canteen. There are many school clubs such as the school band, computer clubs and different sports clubs.

We are looking for <e-mail pals> so that people can write e-mails to learn more about other countries and other people. You can write to us, Florian, Mathias and Patrick, or we can pass on your e-mails to other students (see below) at our school wishing to exchange e-mails. By the way, our mailbox is checked more than once a week.

After your first e-mail, which one of us will read, you will want to send your e-mails directly to the people you wish to contact. We will not read your later e-mails. We will, however, have to look at every first mail because there are so many people sending mails that are better thrown into the bin, to say no more.

My name is Patrick and I am 17 years old. I am from Recklinghausen which is a big town in North-West Germany. My hobbies are skating, singing by Singstar, and playing computer games. I have got a cat. 
My name is Florian. I am 16 years old and I am from Recklinghausen, too. My hobbies are dancing, Big Parties with a lot of ***, listening to music. My favourite subjects are Maths and German.
My name is Mathias. I am 16 years old and I am from Recklinghausen, too. My hobbies are phoning, chatting, listening to music. My favourite subjects are IT and English.

Who´d like to exchange e-mails? What are they interested in?

Melis: internet, phone calls, big parties, meeting friends

Sabina: Listening to good music, meeting friends

Carina: meeting friends, having parties, my own band

Kevin: collecting rare things, meeting friends

Nils: meeting friends, phone calls, Big parties with a lot of ***

Gül: internet, phone calls, meeting friendss

If you wish to send us an e-mail, remember the magicword <epals> and click on contact us