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FAQs about using and making this website

Sorry, this page isn´t ready yet.
1. How can we make a magazine together with other people in the world?
Yes, that´s the idea, we would like to work together with other youth mag teams at other schools. How? First we are going to produce a new web page and put up a sign there asking <Can you help us to make a better page?>. Then we have to wait for English speaking pupils who are interested or do German courses. We hope that they are willing to help us find our mistakes. Or perhaps they can suggest to add cool stuff. After that we will say thank you, the sign will be taken away, and the page will be ready.

So it would be great to get in touch with other people, and we would like to help you to produce your own youth mag, perhaps a German one. Interested? Tell us, e-mail Tatjana, our editor - just remember the magic word <editor> and click on <contact us>.

2. What´s all that at the top?
You can find

3. Why is there no link for e-mails?
Do you know what spam is? If you

4. What can we do here?
You can

5. Are they any rules?
If you wish to use forum or guestbook, there is some information on the pages leading there. For example, we would be happy if you don´t use German. And you should know that forum and guestbook are not moderated, so to be sure to be on the safe side with respect to legislation we ask you to read the <dislcaimer> with the official rules for use of this site. Please see the page <about us>.