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New Friend (2)

Project by Sabrina

Hello ... My Name is Sabrina Wolf and I live in Recklinghausen, NRW. I am a pupil and enjoy shopping and swimming.


Diana: I´m Diana.

Vanessa: I´m Vanessa.

Marie: Come you Diana.

Clara: Diana, come to us.


Marie: I hate Vanessa. She is so silly. 

Clara:Yes, it`s right.


Diana: I hate Vanessa. 

Mrs McCann: Shut up, Diana.


Vanessa: My name is Vanessa.

Mrs. McCann: Hello, Vanessa, sit down please. 

Clara : She is so silly.

Mary: Yes, she is.


Vanessa: Ok. 

Mrs McCann: What have you, Vanessa?

Diana: Where shall she sit down?


The girls stand before at school.