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A grouecklinghausen.

Question1: Do You like it here in Germany?
Answer1: Yes. It’s very clean here. And every house looks different from each other. Not like in Bytom.

Question2: Is life in Poland different from here?
Answer2: No. Not really.

Question3: What about school. Is it different???
Answer3: Elementary school goes up to grade 7 in Poland. Then we have a middle school and a high school.

Question 4: How was the journey?
Answer 4: Long and boring!

Question 5: Is fashion different in Poland, too?
Answer 5:Yes. Pittily short hair is usual in Poland. But there are also some crazy persons who wear Crazy hair styles.

Question 6: Did you see some sights already?
Answer 6: No. And that’s not so important for us.

Question 7: What is important for you while you are here?
Answer 7: For us it is important to know what the Germans think about us.

Question 8: Do you like German food?
Answer 8: Oh yes! And we all love chocolate!