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If you dare, look at our sonnets.

Sonnet 1

Time is running away from me,
days are passing by,
I love you, darling, don't you see?
Leave me, and heaven will cry.

When I was young, I only dreamed of you,
Between us there was no wall.
You said I love you, I said I love you, too.
But then why did the ivy castle fall?

Whenever I look outside there is the moon
Just as me she is alone.
I hope you will come back to me soon,
There is no one like you I have ever known.

I hope one day you'll knock on my door
It is you I will always be waiting for.

Sonnet 2

Money is lying on the street
But nowadays it's hard to keep
You are working hard till the end of your life
Perhaps you can do without a wife.

When you are old and nothing matters
You think you have done something better
And when you die it is clear to be seen
Your life was not what it should have been.

I do not know how to end this sonnet
And I even do not know who show it.
I just can tell you to live your life
Without a gun and without a knife.

Sonnets are made for thinking
But it is not done when you are drinking.

Sonnet 3 (True Royalty)

Oh glory queen of the might wood
Wearing ivy cloaks and butterflies as your hood
Out of your garden no plant can rise as such
Thanks to getting your will and beloved soft touch.

Oh my honoured king, living within crown of the strongest tree
As long as your eyes protect the border no animal needs to flee
From your mighty arms like whips flexible and strong
No enemy of plant or deer might get along.

You are a couple never heard of before in words
Protecting your creation with touches and swords
Your relatives are many, summer, autumn, winter and spring
Helping you living by sharing wine and making you sing.

Survive and last for ever your Kingdom will
But beware, humans always wish to kill.

Sonnet 4

White is the colour of delight,
Would you believe it,
Even in the darkest hour of the night,
You can perceive it.

Speed is not all that matters if that is all
you have got,
The speedier the quicker you will crash into the wall,
Slow down, size up, go big, go get a lot.

Your home is your castle you mutter into my ear
So the more castle you get you can feel fat.
It's not just ignition you want to hear,
It's ambition that can let you sit high in a seat while wearing a hat.

So when you see mine from afar
You know I am rolling on the floor laughing in my car.

Sonnet 5

Bombs are falling as if they were crawling
Digging into more than one house, even killing the ugly mouse
Our world is done, it shall not be our world again!
And if the houses are not falling, we will come crawling again.

People are crying, as fast as they are dying.
Medics run through the ashes, watch out for naked asses.
Here and there, we build up a new house
Until a bomb comes along and crushes its owners out.

But poets start writing in the ruins
Verses that are worded so that they will not scream
But after the bombs there cometh the fire
Herein the poems burn, higher and higher.

So let us see that everything will end
Even the poems, shall this be our end?

Sonnet 6

If love between two persons dies
Then the heart of one part heavily cries
Bad and ugly words are spoken out
In fact their hearts are broken, no doubt.

But if there is still a little flame burning
Love also has the chance of learning
Can it be renewed again to gain life
Is there a future for husband and wife?

They try to talk, but it makes no sense,
The man is full of doubt and meets his friends
The woman has forgotten about happiness
And takes up a life of loneliness.

So if love is destroyed they both can't defend
Against the pains of two broken hearts till the end.

Sonnet 7

Is it the weather that is so cold?
I am frightened of the darkness,
Am I too old?
Come and bring me happiness.

Is the mountain over there so high?
The lights are bright,
I will be waiting for you, I will not die,
Lead me to a life full of delight.

You said going away would not take so long,
My eyes are looking forward to see you,
I hear this song,
Do you hear it, too?

I will never forget the time when I was so alone
This will everywhere be known.

Sonnet 8

Blank. Blank. Blank.
I see no words.
Blank. Blank. Blank.
Where are the words?

Write. Write. Write.
Let it flow.
Write. Write. Write.
Let it go.

Try. Try. Try.
Like a song from the wood.
Try. Try. Try.
It can only be good.

Whatever will be will be
We will enjoy to see.

Sonnet 9 (Survival Instinct)

It was easier the earlier the day
not to put rains on your self
to get along in a moral way
not to coop up like books in a shelf

Today every body wants to be
a part of society with ambitions
that is not what I want to see
want to get it without submissions

I want a life without a... licking
the big bosses with their money
keep the world alive and kicking
judge you and give you some honey

behaviour and money at all cost
in a socialized world I am lost

Sonnet 10

 got a secret only you and I know
I want you to be wherever I go.
 got a language only we speak
It keeps getting better whenever we meet.

I feel in my heart that it's destiny
 made for you, you're chained to me.
I can tell blindfolded it's you when we touch
I could never imagine to feel this much.

What makes you know how to touch me like this
Reaching for life, in the taste of your kiss?
 the kind of man I've always dreamed about
It makes me wanna shout out really loud.

I knew the first time we were together
That I was born to love you forever!

You have endured it all? We are impressed!
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