Links with Zambia - Report

We at WBS are glad to have a school partnership with Kafue Secondary School in Zambia.

Our friendship has long been supported by many people in both countries, Zambia and Germany. There have been personal meetings, too. The last took place in  February 2004 when we were visited by Mr Winner Symposya who has been a good friend of Mr Flüchter at WBS for a long time.

Every two years a sponsored run is organized at our smaller building at Händelstraße. Mr Symposya has given valuable help to safely transfer the raised funds to Kafue Secondary School so that their students could find the best way to benefit from the efforts of our younger pupils. The fundraising is seen as a very valuable event at Händelstraße as regards improving the pupils´ knowledge in Geography as well as trying to live up to Christian ideals.

Meeting Mr Winner Symposia at Händelstraße


At the meeting we all agreed that it would be great to encourage and support school projects using computers and publishing products at WoBo4u. So members of our editorial staff, Tatjana and Zeljko, who took the photo, interviewed Mr Symposya.

Tatjana said that she would be very glad to see the start of some international projects. It would be interesting to work together. These projects could then be published using WoBo4u,
webpages could soon be added here. Mr Symposya will inform Kafue Secondary School about these possibilities. For further discussion or suggestions contact Tatjana via e-mail. Remember the magic word <editor> and click contact us, please.